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Cannon Lane London NW3
Ebbsfleet Road London NW3
Eslworthy Road London NW3
Goldhurst Terrace London NW3
Lyndhurst Road London NW3
Oakhill Lodge London NW3
Randolf Crescent London NW3
Rosecroft Avenue London NW3
Wedenburn Road London NW3
Wedenburd Road London NW3
Rosecroft Avenue London NW3
London NW3 Area: 138 sqm/1481 sqft


The brief was to refurbish and enlarge a Grade II flat, and to give it a more modern, contemporary feel. In practice, this meant converting a two-bedroom flat into a three-bedroom by splitting the original large kitchen into a kitchen and third bedroom/study room. We also converted the family bathroom to make room for a larger ensuite adjoining the master bedroom. New wiring and plumbing were installed throughout. Approval from the management company and Camden Council Listed division was required and obtained.

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